Some Question to Ask While Hiring an SEO Professional

If you are struggling to reach in the top in major search engines results and want to enhance your website popularity to get maximum numbers of leads then it is high time for you to invest your money on professional SEO service. Make your existence for your potential customers in a digital world is a difficult job to do. You have to be a geek in digital marketing to compete with the toppers in the search engines. That is why people need that SEO service. You can have tracked effort and fruitful results out of this by hiring experienced SEO professionals. But, the biggest question is, how you can be sure about their trustworthiness.

Here in this post, I’ll discuss some essential questions you should ask before hiring an SEO professional to boost your website ranking. Let’s have a quick look on it.

Show Me the List of Your Previous Clients

A reputed SEO service provider will never hesitate to show you their current and former clients list. This list can help you to imagine an overall picture of your website and you can tally their works by checking those previous client’s keyword rankings. SEO is a time taking matter and you had to have some patience to get some positive results and that is why you need experienced professionals to take care of your website.

How Will You Increase My Rank is SERP?

That is a tricky question for any SEO consultant because no-one wants to reveal their method of front-off their clients. But this is to check their overall ability to SEO works. Make sure that, they’ll work on both “on-page” and “off-page” for your website and fix possible issues to make Google crawler’s path easy.

What is Your Working Parameters?

Ask them to discuss their working guidelines which are set by Google Algorithm. In this case, you need to study a little bit about Google parameters. All the stuffed contextual image, spammy content, hidden text and many more elements like these are strictly restricted if you want to see your website in the Google search.

What are the Plans for Local Search?

Appearing in the top in a local search result can affect a lot for your business to increase. So, don’t forget to ask about local SEO to your SEO service providers and also ask them to chalk-out some convincing plan for it.

Ask them about Work Transparency

Ask them to share all the changes in your website they made with you. You should have a track record of all the updates they are going to make. It is very important to ask for your permission to access, alter and change your website code.


Ask them to mention perfect time and person to communicate with. Maybe you notice some drastic changes in your website in the middle of work and you want to inform the service provider immediately or maybe you have some confusion to clear with them.

What are the Payment Terms?

You need to know about how much you have to pay for their service and in what term they want to get paid. Many companies are like to work in hourly basis payment and many works on monthly payments.

Hiring SEO professionals is a smart way to resolve your all search engine related issues. They know better to cure all your issues and make your website SEO friendly so that you can top in major search engines like Google, Bing & Yahoo, and you can see some positive impact on your sales and yearly revenue. So, keep those questions in your mind while hiring an SEO guy to help you out.

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