Search Engine Spamming That Bad SEO Providers May Use

When hiring SEO providers, it is possible that you work with a less reliable one. They may even have a real address and you are able to meet them directly. But behind their veil of professionalism, they may have some dirty tricks that can give your quick results, but very damaging in the long-term period. You should check foe these methods to ensure that SEO providers are really trustworthy. A very common illegal SEO method is the use of hidden keywords. Bad SEO professionals could put a large amount of keyword in the text and make them invisible to users. However, these keywords are still present in the HTML code and can be indexed. Although there’s a chance that search engine bots index these keywords in their first try, eventually the unusually high keyword density and tags used to make them invisible can cause a degree of penalization.

Hidden text is also known as keyword stuffing method, which is aimed to increase the frequency of primary keywords, while keeping the main content readable and easy to understand. You should also be aware that bad SEO providers could put popular, but unrelated keywords to your pages. It means that people who seek information about these keywords unrelated to your topic will arrive to your website and they don’t get what they want. This will increase the bounce rate, which is a bad thing for long-term SEO performance.  Bad SEO providers may use redirects to “kidnap” people to your website. When people seek for a piece of information unrelated to your content, they may end up being brought to your website instead.

They may also set up doorway pages, which are webpages with low quality and have little or no useful content. They are often stuffed with various targeted keywords. Another hidden SEO trick that can be damaging is that if your backlinks are not relevant and genuine. They can be generated in huge numbers to link farms. Link farms are websites that are creayed only for generating backlinks for external websites. They often have duplicated content, meaningless content or no content at all. There are tools that you can use to determine what backlinks that are directed to your website. Of course, it is very easy for Google to find out that your backlinks come from websites with meaningless content have hundreds or even thousands of outbound images.

When working a SEO provider for the first time, you should be vigilant and check for any kind of illegal methods. It is a good idea to be upfront about your knowledge and ability to detect illegal SEO methods that are implemented to your website. This will prevent any SEO provider who may potentially use bad methods to refrain from doing that. You need to be entirely ethical about your SEO implementation, so you should ensure that SEO providers have the same view and methods. This will ensure that you will have lasting success in the Internet.

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