5 Reasons Gamers Have Superior Strategic Skills

Gone are the days when playing computer games was considered a stereotypical activity. In the past, people had a negative perception of gamers. But, according to a recent study carried out the by National Institute of Health, playing video games can improve perception and cognition.

Another research carried out by the University of Toronto discovered that gamers have superior strategic skills and have the ability to learn a new sensorimotor skill with more efficiency compared to non-gamers. Sensorimotor skills, such as driving or typing, require the person to have strong coordination between vision and motor movement. According to researchers, playing strategy-centric computer games varianceTV ads running on the browser can enhance these skills in a person and makes them capable enough to perform them without consciously thinking about them.

How does playing online games help a person in developing superior strategic skills? Here are 5 reasons that will answer this question, and will convince you to start playing games if you aren’t already:

1- Helps Improve Teamwork

Strategy based games are always played as a team. Multiple players collaborate and try to achieve their goals together. This is why people who play online strategy games are much more efficient team players.

Sam Mitchell, a team building specialist says,

“When people are well acquainted with each other in the game environment, it can stimulate real-life friendships based on a mutual interest, this strategy has worked well in a professional essay service where people need strong teamwork skills.”

Playing games improves team spirit in adults and children alike. According to a research by Janet Collins, Director of Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, children who took part in ‘organized activities’ like scout troops, tend to have greater aspirations for their future life. Playing online games also instills similar lessons and values.

Some of the best strategy games for children are Sweet Day and Luigi’s Mansion in Nintendo Land, which pushes the players to work together as a team and develop quick action plans to defeat their enemy.

2- Enhances Decision-making Skills

Strategy games involve high tension and you have to take quick decisions to defend your castle, save your farm or plan an assault. Working under stress and dealing with the constant chance of failure improves decision-making skills in players. Moreover, playing strategic games can train the brain to enhance its acute decision-making power, which helps the player deal with stressful situations in daily life and at the workplace.

3- Helps Improve planning Abilities

A strategy game is based around formulating the right plan. If your plan is rock solid, the outcome of the game will be in your favor. For example, some games require the players to manage a whole nation and nurture them into a thriving community. Similarly, farming games require the players to grow their crops within a limited amount of farming land, deal with the demands of the animals and plants and prioritize crops to reach success.

4- Improves Memory

Playing online strategy games require complete focus and help to improve the visual and audial memory of the player. The instructions are given once at the start of the game, and you need to remember them throughout. You also need to remember which key performs which function, so you can easily guide your character in the game. This contributes towards improving both short-term and long-term memory in gamers. VarianceTV

5- Increases Workplace Productivity

Many researchers have been studying the effect of playing strategy based games on overall productivity in the workplace. According to a recent study published in the PLoS One journal, playing online strategy based games increases and stimulates the cognitive flexibility of the human mind.

According to the researchers, the various brain networks supporting the cognitive flexibility can be trained by gaming, to perform even better. So, strategic skills like quick decision-making skills and formulating effective plans are improved significantly, helping the person perform even better in a fast-paced work environment.

Another surprising fact is that playing online games relieves mental stress. If a person takes short 30-minute breaks to play a game, it will refresh the mind and help him perform better at work. A recent study supported the use of smartphones to play games for short periods of time. This experiment not only increased the overall employee productivity but also boosted their moods.


Countless researchers point toward a strong connection between superior strategic skills and gaming. Playing games for 30 minutes at the end of the day will leave you feeling mentally relaxed and will also improve your memory and decision-making skills. Therefore, don’t disregard the importance of playing games and enjoy yourself and improve your mental abilities. So, download a strategy game based on AirG reviews on app stores, and start playing now!

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