Problems Might Occur In Fiber Optic Cables

Fiber Optic Cables have gained the popularity in enhancing the connectivity and been designed to last in a very long time.  However, Fiber Optics cables may develop problems due to some factors. Those problems may affect the performance thus you would have to identify the problem and apply the solutions. Here are common problems occurs on fiber optic cables:

1. External Damage

Scratches or splits are the external damages commonly occur in the fiber optic cable units. Any damages can affect the cable ability send the signals. For the best performance, you should ensure that the units are free from damages and replace immediately as you find ones.

2. Length

Problems can occur as the cable installed is too long which increase the possibility of bending and twisting. This situation will generate permanent damages to the fiber optic cables and affect other components. It could happen as you don’t measure the distance correctly and apply wrong size and length of fiber optic cables. Thus, you a proportional length of fiber optic cable is the best way to support the function.

3. Connectors

The effectiveness of the fiber optic cables is highly determined by the quality connectors that join two or more cables. The wrongdoing connectors can affect the quality of signaling and generate other possible problems. In such case, you might be required to contact your contractor so they can fix the problem by replacing the connectors. It’s due to the fact that the fiber optic cables might be installed to the existing infrastructure.

4. Stretch

Too long and too short both can’t provide you problems as you’re using the fiber optic cables. the cables are very vulnerable to physical damage which can generate dysfunctions. The keys include preventing the cable to stretch which is determined by the cable installation. You’ll need to use grips on the connectors instead of pulling the cable jacket. If you don’t have any idea on this matter, then you should consider contacting the professionals.

5. Aging

Fiber optic cable can get old just like any cables. The old cables may be not optimum at their performance. You’ll find them not effectively transferring the signal. There is no need to fix such old cables, what you need to do is replacing them so you can gain a better performance. It’s very important to note down any cable installation date.

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