Knowing Connectors On Your Laptop

Before you purchase a laptop, it’s important to ensure that it’s featured with any types connectors you need for your activities. Knowing the connectors on your laptop will increase the experience and productivity through your laptop usage.


USB devices including flash drive, external hard disk, extended keyboard or mouse, and others use the USB connector to operate. All the laptops in the market should have UBS ports, but there will be USB 2.0 and USB 3.0. the USB 3.0 is the newer USB ports which can provide highest data transfer speed. Devices which are specifically built with USB 3.0 connector may not work in USB 2.0 ports. The best way is to have one USB 2.0 port and one USB 3.0 on your laptop.


Audio connector is where you plug the aux in or out of audio hardware. There was a time where manufacturer applied separate output speaker and input microphone line. However, it’s pretty common today, as you find a laptop with a single jack for both speaker output and microphone input. Generally, manufacturer installs the 3.5 mm jack instead of 2.5mm, you can adjust your device jack with a converter if it doesn’t fit.


High Definition Multimedia Interface or HDMI is the connectors lately built in the most laptops. HDMI has gradually replaced the use of VGA connector to transmit the video signal from laptop to the extended screen like LED TV, LCD Projector, or a larger monitor. HDMI is a connector with 19 pins which improved the quality of the graphics transmitted. The HDMI connector also transmitted the audio along with the video if it’s desired. HDMI connector boost your laptop’s media experience.

Network Connectors

The network connector or simply called RJ45 is usually used for local area network connectivity through a cable. The cable is crimped to the connector following the cross or straight cable combination. The connector is plugged into the network connector port while the other side is plugged into the hub or other PC or laptop network connector ports. Even though everything is going to be wireless, in fact, network connector is still used by those who want a stable and secure connection.

If you’re going to purchase a laptop, it’s suggested to choose those which are featured with these connectors. Any external devices will support these connectors. It’s better to check the laptop in person before purchasing it.

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