How To Deal With Existing Duplicate Content In Your Website?

Information sharing is what’s driving the Internet and it never changes since the introduction of the World Wide Web. Each webpage should have good information that people seek out and can use. By having consistently good content in each of your webpage, you will be rewarded in terms of quality backlink by readers and professionals in your industry. However, for many people, the only information that they can get is from the Internet itself. Many people are not knowledgeable enough and they think that it is acceptable to simply copy and paste content from other websites to theirs. However, this is not an acceptable practice, because you are simply reusing others’ works and you are not contributing to the proper information sharing.

If you have duplicate content in your website, it is unlikely that you will be banned from the search engine, but it is guaranteed that your rank will be so low that very few or no one will discover your website. If you want to get rewarded with higher rank, you need to ensure that you have only unique content. Unfortunately, duplicate content is an unavoidable practice. It is often happens on news-based websites. When recent breaking news arrive, there’s usually little information that can be obtained from a very recent event. It means that hundreds of news websites will need to repeat the same piece of information, until they can get new updates. However, if they don’t have a journalist at the location, their only option is to get information from other websites.

If it is occasionally not possible for you to avoid duplicate content due to the lack of information for a specific recent event, then you need to compensate for that. It means that the rest of your webpages should be unique. You should devote your efforts in ensuring that your webpages are always effective. You need to post your relevant webpages daily and they need to be consisted of only unique information. It means that when you need to post duplicated content, Google knows that is a necessity due to your need to get updated with a very important recent event. By ensuring that your website is mostly, if not entirely unique, you can get immense rewards for any search engines. Your relevant webpages will be ranked higher and even in the first page for many different keyphrases.

If you have plenty of existing content and due to your lack of understanding, most of them are duplicate content. It means that you need to make all the necessary improvements. You should make sure that the content is appropriate and won’t cause penalization due to duplicate content. You often need to work with a professional re-writer who can transform your duplicated content into original ones. This doesn’t include only using different words and compositions for your sentences, but you also need to add new information that’s relevant to today’s industry and market. Eventually, once Google finds that your content quality improves,

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