How Domain Age Affects Your SEO Performance?

Although it is not always true, older people are usually better praised for their wisdom and reputation. The same applies in the online world. Although older websites are not always better than the newer ones, we often see that older websites have advantages in terms of search ranking. The popularity of a website is often indicated by the PageRank value and the value itself tends to become higher when the website is older. There’s no confirmation whether domain age is a relevant SEO factor and if it is used to determine rank, we don’t know about its significance and whether it is influential enough. However, it is safe to assume that domain age has a contributing factor, especially if you have a new website and want to compete with older ones.

This can be achieved by trying to become better than older websites in areas where you can make improvements. As an example, older websites may seem to have more passive or minimal marketing attempts. You can post articles in directories or create a blog section to provide latest news in the industry. In some cases, old websites with static content seem to rank high and you should have an opportunity to become better in this area. Although there’s no guarantee that you can be ranked better, there’s still a good chance that you will be ranked high enough. This is especially true because newer websites are often spammy and they may not be consistent enough. In reality, many websites end up becoming abandoned for years.

Fortunately, readers are intelligent and smart. They often use different forms of keyphrases to get the information they need. So, if your website contains more information than those older websites, there is still a good chance that people will come. If they are persistent enough, they will end up in your website and if they like what they see, they will come back again in the future and better, they will recommend your website in forums, social media or their own websites. This increases the number of backlinks and your degree of authority in your industry. By doing this, you can gain a strong advantage compared to those older websites that refuse to improve themselves. If your level of reputation become higher, then you may start to outrank some of the older websites.

In order to compensate your disadvantages in terms of domain age, you may also look for alternative sources of traffic. Social media is a good place to get direct traffic to your website. If a YouTube video gets viral, it is possible that thousands of people will arrive to your website in a short period time. Again, if they like what they see in your website, they will eventually bookmark it and you will start to get relevant and steady stream of traffic. Google may place higher importance on domain age in the future due to the fact that domain registration is cheap and easy to do. People can register dozens of domain names simultaneously and have no intention in using them for delivering quality content.

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