Here’s Why Startups Should Prefer Android app Development

The present market has turned into a war place. Not only established brands, but even the startups have to enter the mobile industry to sustain in the market. But is it so easy? With limited resources and higher market pressure, the startups often find it tricky to enter the market without making a hole in their pockets. However, it is not so. By investing in Android app development, one can easily get the best of both.

Wondering how? Let’s have a look at the advantages of Android application development to the startups:

Wider Target Audience

Although App Store generates higher revenue, Android platform entertains a wider audience. The Android holds for 78% of the mobile market share, which means overlooking the platform will cut you from the major portion of the user base globally.

Besides, the Android runs on both the expensive and budget-friendly devices, which means you can cater to the needs of all kinds of users with Android mobile development.

Boost SEO Ranking

Google Play Store, unlike App Store, is not a closed ecosystem. This makes it easier for an Android app to contribute to the page views and SEO rankings of your website. In other words, an Android application can improve your brand’s SEO ranking in the search engines like Google.

Less Investment

The immediate profit of Android platform is its open-source nature. The platform provides free SDK and code libraries. Because of this, the developers need not write all the code from scratch. Also, the platform provides the right environment to boost easier and cheaper process. For example, building a push notification functionality in iOS takes 2-3 days. But, Android demand only a few hours.

This, as a whole, reduces the app development time. And since the mobile app development cost depends on the time and efforts employed, the cost for Android development automatically reduces. This helps the startups to enter the mobile market without dealing with the budget barrier.

Higher Customization

Unlike App Store, Google Play Store provides the freedom to customize the app according to the business requirements. It allows you to add the features and technologies as per your market needs and trends. This again increases the interest of startups in Android mobile app development.

Earlier Entry to the Market

Being a startup, it is very much necessary for your brand to reach the market at the earliest. And this is where the Android platform can help.

In case of Android application development, the app approval process takes only a few hours. The Google Play Store analyzes the application for malicious content and passes it. Whereas, the App Store checks for each minute detail asked for in the guidelines, resulting in a delay in launching the app.

Ease of Interoperability

Again, Android app development is the right solution to building a business app that can interoperate with other apps on cross platforms.

Abundant Opportunities

A Startup faces endless challenges in building its brand presence in the market. However, this can be easily done now with the help of an app.

By investing in Android application development, you can reach your target audience easily. You can provide them with personalized services and generate revenue. Also, you can collect their feedback and improve your business solutions. Not only this, you can also encourage them to promote your app via referral marketing scheme.

Quicker ROI

Google Play Store allows you to publish your app on different third-party platforms, including Samsung, Amazon, and Opera Mobile store. This increases the chances to reach potential customers, and thus, result in quicker ROI.

Another favoring aspect of Android mobile app development is that you can go for paid options. With the available paid options on Google Play Store, you can increase your app downloads and reach on the top of the list.


An Android application can act as the right weapon to rule the minds of the customer and catch the limelight in the market. It can give startups a competitive edge over others who are still discussing having an Android business app.  Besides, it can make it easier to make any changes in the existing app due to its customization nature. With all these benefits and opportunities, in the long run, it is vital for a startup to invest in Android mobile app development. So, are you looking forward to it?

If so, take no time to contact the best Android app development company and discuss your business needs.

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