Freelancer over Digital Marketing Agency – Here is the reason why!

In this today’s tech-driven age and time, one cannot deny the importance and requirement of technology in everyday life. The internet allows us to share a plethora of information in a matter of minutes. Fortunately, this opens room for new qualifications, positions, and work in the job market. But the question is, are these new options reliable?

Freelance is one such option that has been the ‘in’ thing for the past few years and is gradually gaining momentum. Getting up in the morning, navigating the heavy traffic to get to work, and chatting with people who you may not like can be frustrating. Repeat this cycle every day, and you’re bound to feel exhausted. This is why the majority of people are opting for the ‘freelance’ option.

The real dilemma arises when you require a professional’s help to complete a project or a specific part of the project. You ask yourself whether I should take the conventional route of hiring a digital agency or simply go with a freelancer. It’s a real catch-22!

Although every business has unique requirements and preferences, hiring a freelancer can be beneficial on several fronts. Here are 7 reasons you should opt for a freelancer instead of a digital marketing agency:

  1. The budget-friendly option

One factor that serves as the deciding factor for every business owner is cost. Every business, whether small or big, focus on the bottom line. This is where freelancers take the lead over digital agencies.

Hiring a freelancer for a project is more cost-effective than hiring a digital agency in the long run. Because let’s face it, one person will cost you less than an entire company. Moreover, the freelancer won’t occupy space in the office, saving you overhead costs.

If you know exactly what the project needs, you can convey your requirements to the required person, and they can get the job done within the pre-decided timeframe.

  1. You get more options

If you are open to hiring freelancers, you open yourself to a broad pool of possibilities. You get to pick people with specific skills and certain personality types, which is always difficult to select if you are hiring an agency. The availability of a wider talent pool makes it easier for you to hire a resource that fits your unique requirements. And that’s always a good thing!

  1. Flexibility and adaptability

Given that freelancers work remotely, it is easier for them to adjust their routine and schedule according to your requirements. A 9-to-5 routine does not bind them. Therefore, if you need them to make a quick update to your marketing campaign late at night or fix an error, they can do that remotely without causing any fuss (given that you inform them about it beforehand). Moreover, since they are not working in an organization, you don’t have to go through a complex hierarchy of employees to get the task done.

Alternatively, the structure and size of a digital marketing agency can lead to a slow response time. In case a problem occurs during the course of the campaign, you know who is responsible for it.

  1. Experience and expertise

Freelancers develop their skills by working on various projects belonging to different industries. This translates into expertise across diverse backgrounds, which is always a plus for a business/project. They can back up their skills with facts and figures to demonstrate how they’ve influenced the previous projects positively.


By hiring a freelancer, you can rest assured that you are getting the brains who have worked on multiple projects and are experienced in resolving unexpected problems.

On the other hand, when you hire a digital marketing agency, you won’t know the experience of the specific person working on your project. They could be a rookie or an experienced person, but you won’t be able to find that out.

  1. It’s bold, dynamic, and creative

Want to create a dynamic environment in your organization? There’s no better way than by hiring people with different expertise, experience levels, backgrounds, and personalities. Bringing freelancers and contractors onboard can help prevent things from getting stale. Plus, it will introduce your team members to new ways of working.

Hiring an individual that works dedicatedly on one project can inspire creativity and promote self-sufficiency throughout the workforce. In short, creating a dynamic work environment is a simple and efficient way to motivate your team to perform at their best.

A digital marketing company won’t be able to offer you this level of dynamism as their own company culture, rules, and restrictions will bind them.

  1. A potential permanent employee

If both parties are satisfied, the freelance position can be turned into a permanent one in case the project extends. Even if you don’t bring the freelancer onboard permanently, you can sign an open-ended/extended contract with them. You may find your ideal team member by considering a freelancer.

With an extensive portfolio of relevant skills and result oriented success in various business arenas, a freelancer can make a valuable addition to your team. And if nothing else works, you have a reliable person to count on when you need a particular task done.

  1. Get the best results

It is in the interest of a freelancer to deliver you good results because that will help them develop a portfolio and a long-term clientele. On the other hand, you get to go through their portfolio and client list to ensure you are hiring a reliable person to handle your project/task. It’s a win-win situation.


The drawback of hiring a digital agency is that if you don’t get the desired results within the promised time-frame, you may be forced to extend the contract. Why? Because they have performed half the work, and starting it all over again with a different person/agency may cost you more.

The bottom line

Several studies show that freelancing is gaining momentum. Professionals are leaving their full day jobs to become a part of the freelance workforce. Considering this, investing in an experienced and skilled freelancer can be a beneficial venture for your business. For further help with digital marketing in Austin, Texas, you can always contact professionals at Thrive who can efficiently help you out with your digital marketing campaigns.

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