Facts That Nobody Told You About On-Page SEO

Digital marketing hinges greatly upon the effectiveness of Search Engine Optimization. If you are a digital marketer who is looking to sharpen his/her marketing tactics, here are some essential facts that you should take into consideration.

1) Users rarely go past the first 5 search results

Recent studies have shown that approximately three-quarters of all users will find what they are looking for within the top 5 search results with a majority of that number- about 32% to be exact- clicking on the topmost result. Only 18% will click on the second-ranked result. What this means is that if your website is among the first five, then the more traffic you’ll reel in. So strive to be among that number.

2) Only 20 % of users proceed to the subsequent search page

When users look up a topic or subject, those websites on the first page are usually the ones who get all the views. Only 2 out of every 10 users proceed to page 2 so if your website lies here, you should work on improving your ranking by bettering your SEO techniques.

3) The more web pages, the merrier

Facts That Nobody Told You About On-Page SEO

Websites with many pages tend to bring in more users compared to one with 1 or 2 pages. The weight of related keywords is heavily intertwined with the number of pages which is directly proportional to the size of traffic.

4) 5 out of every 10 search queries are more than 4-words long

While it’s true that using short keywords will rapidly boost your Google standings, it’s also true that this technique has become increasingly hard to use as the interwebs have become aggressively competitive. To be on the safe side, you should instead go for long but effective keywords.

5) Social Media Traffic can’t hold a candle to Organic Searches

To paint a clear picture of how organic searches are still more effective than the ever-expanding social media space, stats show that the former accounts for three times the number of searches that the latter does. So if you were thinking of jumping off the organic search ship for the seemingly greener pastures of social media platforms, please think again.

6) Google prioritizes valuable content

If you aim to get into the good graces of Google with regards to site ranking, then it’s important your website is rich with substantive, definite and quality content according to users’ needs.

7) Keywords have to be mobile friendly


Half of all users go about their searching business on a mobile device before moving on to a PC and when they do so, they tend to use keywords in a different way than they would on a computer. So it’s important your keywords are mobile friendly.

8) There is a vital link between Local Businesses and Mobile SEO

It is also important to note that 88 % of searches about local businesses are started through a mobile gadget. Smartphone usage is experiencing a meteoric rise and if you aim to go high with it, tailor your keywords accordingly keeping in mind the increasing number of mobile searches.

There you have it folks, a list of 8 crucial SEO facts that can make or break your marketing strategy. If you take them all into account, then you are bound to notice a significant improvement in your digital marketing campaign.

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