Electronic Assistant: 6 Useful Android Apps For Travelers

Traveling is what makes us happier, especially in the XXI century, when smart gadgets and various applications can buy tickets, find lodging, or navigate in an unfamiliar territory.

Before planning your trip, be sure to download to your android phone some applications that will help you to find the nearest metro, restaurant or hotel, easily serve you as a guide and indicate the right direction of your travel route.

Well, check out the best useful apps, which should be definitely installed to the android device of each traveler…


As the creators of the application assure, it will allow you to plan and have an impeccable journey. In addition, in TripAdvisor’s database the traveler can find more than 75 million reviews and opinions that will help you to find the best hotels, excellent restaurants and entertainment venues around the world. The sticker of this app is pasted near different sights, which means this place is one the best spot to visit according to the results of voting.

TripAdvisor app allows you to:

  • view millions of reviews, opinions and photos made by travelers;
  • find the best hotels, including those that received Travellers’ Choice award;
  • choice restaurants by type of meal, price range and visitors’ estimates;
  • compare flights and find the best deals;
  • receive answers to questions on TripAdvisor forums;
  • add your reviews and photos.

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Well, this is just a very useful application for your trip! Fortunately, it’s available on Android. Toilet Finder application database offers about 60,000 public restrooms. You can make a contribution to the common cause by adding found toilets. However, you need to know the exact address in order to include it into the database.

Gibraltar, feb. 2010


GPS Essential

This powerful navigational application will help you to maximize capabilities of GPS sensor and compass built into your device. GPS Essential allows you to see such data as coordinates, altitude, speed (current/maximum/minimum), and moon phase. Also, there’s an opportunity to record tracks, plan routes, take photos on the camera, overlay data and much more. The application can work with OpenStreetMap, Google Maps and MapQuest.

The functionality of this Android application is very wide:

– the ability to import maps from Google Earth, Google Maps and other Internet services;

– the presence of a compass oriented relative to the Earth’s magnetic field;

– the possibility of planning your personal routes, as well as calculating the necessary amount of time (fuel) for getting from one waypoint to another;

– displaying of navigation data.

In addition, when working with GPS Essentials, the user can turn on the displaying of pictures, graphs and messages, as well as view the current positions of satellites.

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This app aims to provide discount car rental service in a large number of destinations worldwide.

The application has a special search form which allows to find a suitable vehicle both by the location name or by its address. In case no options for the required location were found, it automatically offers the alternatives in the nearby locations.

With consumers can rent cars of different groups – luxury, sports, SUVs, standard, economy, etc. Users can apply to the service whatever it’s required for: business/holiday trips, wedding, sightseeing and other personal needs for a long or short term.

Providing all available deals for the particular location and date, helps its users to compare the rates and other car features.

The customers can also find other information concerning the necessary location, which can be useful for their trip: sights to visit, travel tips, and addresses of gas stations.

Liked our rental car


The application is created for those who are always late for registration, forgets about the flight, and confuses dates/time. In order to avoid it, don’t set 20 reminders or 6 alarm clocks in your phone. Just enter the flight number specified in your ticket in FlightTrack app, and it will track all the required information for you.

A few days before the flight, it will remind you about the flight, tell you when registration starts, in which gate it happens, and even how long the flight is delayed.

You can also see the layout of the seats of the plane, as well as the terminal map. By the way, even if you need to call the airline office, FlightTrack will find the phone number quickly.

In total, FlightTrack’s database features more than 5000 airports and 1400 airlines. Also, the application supports the SMS-notification of the traveler when changing some information about the flight.

Emirates - A6-EWA

Word Lens Translator

Word Lens is a great translator. With the help of built-in camera, it translates any printed text in real time and supports 6 languages ​​(English, Italian, German, Portuguese, French, Spanish, and Russian) and offers a choice of 12 translation directions. Built-in dictionaries are also available.

Just point the camera at the text, and it immediately selects the translation options. If you translate one word – then everything happens faster. It’s convenient that this function works without an Internet connection.

The second feature of the application is a synchronous voice translation. The application determines what language do you speak and translates it.

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Generally, there are a lot of Android applications for traveling. However, not any of them can boast of its usefulness and universality. We’ve selected the most interesting and reliable travel applications. Hopefully, they will make your trip more enjoyable and much easier.

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