Bad Linkbuilding Methods That You Should Know

Linkbuilding is clearly an essential part in SEO and it is needed to leverage various activities in your online business. With proper backlinks, your website will have high page rank, which will contribute in taking you higher in the SERP. This also equals to more money and more traffic. Although there’s no clear indication on the percentage of importance of linkbuilding in SEO efforts, it is clear that quality and relevant links are the most essential things if you want to rank well in search engine rank. However, you should know that not all backlinks are good and bad backlinks are often produced by bad linkbuilding methods. Google doesn’t dominate the search engine industry by being easily manipulated by bad linkbuilders.

Although many bad linkbuilding techniques have been discovered and rendered ineffective by search engines, many people are still using them. When using these methods, it is possible that you will get good initial results, as the algorithm responds to the higher number of links that are directed to your website. However, this won’t last and eventually your website will lose its rank or even removed completely from SERP. It happens when the algorithm sense rapid accumulation of backlinks, which indicate bad method and you will be penalized as a result. It is not a good thing to let your website to get banned. If your business relies entirely on online processes, this mean the end of your entire operations.

As an example, it is for you to make mistake by using mass link packages, which are offered by SEO scammers. These people are selling link packages. You get hundreds or even thousands of backlinks for seemingly low price. However, they are not only useless, but could also be damaging to your SEO efforts. Many of these links may come from link farms or bad sites. If you get link from farms or banned websites, you can’t expect that Google will treat you well. You will be seen as one of those scammers. Link exchanges are also often used, but it is not always the best linkbuilding strategy. It is also easy for Google to detect link exchanges, by finding out whether there is reciprocal flow of link juice between your website and an external website.

Not using anchor text is a good indication of half-hearted and lazy SEO efforts. Some SEO service providers simply paste your URL on different external webpages. It means that your backlink becomes less relevant and Google will know that those links are placed there simply as a way to increase your backlink, which is not a good thing. You should make sure that your website is free from any kind of bad backlinking attempt. When working with a SEO service provider, you should ask a list of newly created backlinks and the originating external webpages, as well as their anchor text. This will ensure that the quality of each backlink is relatively high and acceptable for long term SEO benefits. It is important for you to stay relevant and you will get the best results possible.

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