All you need to know about caring for your green car the right way

Why choose green vehicles?

Cars are a significant part of urban life. People are either driving them and polluting the environment or are passively breathing the impurities left by car exhaust pipes. The long-lasting effects caused by car-pollutants have significantly contributed to global warming, acid rain and the entire spectrum of pollution that damages the planet. It is not just the environment that takes the brunt of the damage; human health faces the consequences too.

Pollutants emitted by vehicles cause allergies, irritation of the skin, respiratory diseases and also risk infants and heart patients. Such dire consequences urge the conscious people to find a car that would not damage the environment, nor the people living around the vehicles. This cause initiated the development of green cars.

An eco-friendly solution that helps you contribute to nature conservation while also cutting down your fuel expenses to almost its half. One of the most significant causes of car pollution is the use of old and unrepaired cars. They not only consume a lot of fuel but also constitute a significant contributor to carbon emissions. The latest hybrid cars utilize a unique combination of electricity and hydrogen-based, cleaner fuels.

When one ponders upon the damage to the planet caused by our very own cars, a simple question comes to mind: How much is my car worth? is it good enough to go green or should I rather scrap it and invest in a better car — one that is economically suitable and also eco-friendly. And when you eventually figure out a way to get green care, the next big question is, how to care for your green car in the right way?

We have curated for a list of few, straightforward methods that will help you keep the green car in top shape.

Waterless car wash

Many companies have introduced the waterless car wash to help conserve water. The cleaners are made of corn and soy derivatives that are sprayed directly to your car without using even the tiniest amount of water.

Switch your car cleaning supplies

If you seem to live in an area devoid of any waterless car wash outlets, there is no need to worry. You can switch a few common cleaning supplies and clean your car all by yourself. A common mistake that people make is the use of paper towels in using the glass windows and screens of the car. Not only are these a cause of waste but they also consume extra water. Using old newspapers instead is a much smarter choice. A little moisture cleans a larger surface area and can even get recycled. What more could a green driver ask for? Also, using cotton swabs to reach the problematic corners in your car can prevent allergies caused by dust mites — another reason to be more careful with your car cleaning regime.

Stop using air fresheners

A common habit today is the use of colorful air freshening gadgets and sprays to keep the car smelling clean and fresh. It is a courteous gesture, but it also tends to be dangerous for the passengers. These air fresheners release toxic chemicals in the confines of the car which maybe fragrant but can cause severe damage to the passenger. You can switch the traditional air fresheners with essential oil products that not only keep your vehicle fragrant but also save your passenger from any harmful chemicals.

If you maintain your green car with precision, your mission to contribute to the planet’s conservation will last as long as your car can live.

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