4 Reasons Why You Are Constantly Losing in Online Rummy

Rummy is a card game that requires some mental skills and power of observation. You may at times win and at other times, lose. Many believe that the ultimate rummy is played on luck and this is why chancing of losing is higher. However, that is not true, as you can turn a bad rummy hand to a good one simply by applying the right game tactics. You could continuously be losing at rummy because of the wrong strategies adopted. Or probably, you might take decisions based on emotions and not the required steps to grab a win.

Or perhaps you make a mistake in choosing the right sequence? The skilled players always learn from their mistakes. They take efforts in applying the playing cards strategies learnt to win the next game. The following are some of the reasons that may explain why you often lose in rummy.

  1. Not Knowing Rules of the Game

You cannot successfully play rummy online without knowing the rules of the game or rules of the platform where you play. Go through game-tutorial if you are not aware of the basic rules. Websites that offer card games, such as Khelplay Rummy, offer video and written tutorial with graphical representation to explain how to form sets and how to form sequences and the strategies for a win. Do not forget to make a pure sequence, without this you cannot win the game. Consequently, focus on using joker wisely and making sets from available and drawn cards.

  1. Emotion-Based Decisions

Perhaps you have been playing with a member on a rummy website for quite some time and feel you should go soft on them and give away a card he/she needs. Doing so, will definitely impact your play and make for a loss. Though becoming friendly with a particular online rummy circle is expected, never lose focus on the purpose of the game. Similarly you may develop feelings of revenge on losing to a particular opponent over and again, and end up holding a card the rival needs for a longer time than needed, in turn spoiling your game. Play practically and take your opponents as challengers.

  1. Too Many Distractions

Distractions could be a major reason for losing focus and concentration on the game. Since you are online, browsing the internet by changing tabs when playing rummy games free is one of the major factors that can distract you from the game. Avoid every noise and disruption that could interfere with your gaming time. Get away from the source of interruption to enjoy a one-to-one game with people on the rummy platform.

  1. Bad Strategies

Playing rummy without using the right strategies can make you lose the game. As mentioned before, a rummy patti game is skill-based that requires strategies, focus, analysis and various other factors to form valid 13 cards set/sequence to grab a win. Start with analysing your cards, which will allow you to decide the card to pick and discard. Rummy, being a quick game, your analysis needs to be within seconds. You may discard the high-value cards if those are not forming a suitable set or sequence, for quite a time.

These are some of the reasons that might cause constant defeat in rummy. Now that you are aware about these reasons, you can play better the next time. If you are unsure about your game tactics, try and play free card games on practice and improve your skills, before taking on the challenges.

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